The 100 Websites That Rule the Internet

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There are over 1.1 billion websites on the internet, but the vast majority of all traffic actually goes to a very select list of them., for example, has an astounding 28 billion visits per month. The next closest is also a Google-owned property,, which brings in 20.5 billion visits.

Today’s infographic comes to us from Vodien, and it lists the 100 highest ranking websites in the U.S. by traffic, according to website analytics company Alexa.

The information is grouped by company – for example, you can see that Google controls four sites in the Top 100 (Google, Youtube, Blogger, and Google User Content), while Verizon owns the Huffington Post and (they will also control Yahoo and Tumblr when that deal closes in Q2). The data is also sorted by industry, so sites in a similar category are grouped in the same color.

A Steep Dropoff

The dropoff from #1 to #100 is significant. has 28 billion visits, but a website like (ranked #98) only has 53 million visits a month. That’s a 500x difference!

Meanwhile, a website like ours ( gets one million visits per month, and is ranked #33,000 in the United States – a 50x difference from Citi. Further down the trail – there are literally millions of tiny websites that get thousands or just hundreds of visits per month, and some that don’t get any love at all.

The whole distribution is quite fascinating, and it is clear that the spoils go overwhelmingly to the very top of the food chain. However, that also means that there is an entire world of millions of websites out there that almost no one (except Google’s crawler) has ever seen.  Source:

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Bowie, Heroes, Bridge Benefit Concert '96

My first impression of David Bowie as he walked through the front door of our home for the annual BBQ fiesta that traditionally kicks off the Bridge School Benefit Concert weekend was how slight he was. His music and his persona were so large that I was struck by the contrast. As I approached him and his band to welcome them to our home and to thank them for coming to play for our kids, the next thing that stays in my memory is what an absolute gentleman he was. He was an enormously talented yet humble man who was content to just hang out with the kids and other guests who were attending that night’s party. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet him, to welcome him into my home and to have him grace the stage over that weekend in 1996 to offer his unique and innovative talent for our organization. He was an original in every senses of the word. On behalf of all of us who have been associated with Bridge School, I offer our sincere and heartfelt sympathies and wishes for peace to his many close and dear loved ones. Love and light.Pegi

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10 Banned Foods to Avoid

Are you eating food that’s already banned in other countries but is still allowed to poison and kill Americans? Learn these pernicious ingredients and common foods through this infographic. Use the embed code to share it on your website.

<img src="" alt="10 Banned Foods to Avoid" border="0" style="max-width:100%; min-width:300px; margin: 0 auto 20px auto; display:block;"><p style="max-width:800px; min-width:300px; margin:0 auto; text-align:center;">Are you eating <a href=""><strong>"food that's already banned"</strong></a> in other countries but is still allowed to poison and kill Americans? Learn these pernicious ingredients and common foods through this infographic. Use the embed code to share it on your website.</p>



Boulder, CO (TFC) – A new and upcoming app created by a small startup is appealing to activists and ‘Cop Blockers’ who may be in situations that are dangerous, or in situations where interaction with police officers can turn from tense to dangerous.

Cell 411, the app that will be released in the next several days is, according to the developers, a decentralized emergency alert and response platform.  It allows users to instantly notify a trusted group of friends, family or others of any situation or emergency they may encounter.

In addition to medical alerts, car problems, fire or danger, the app offers a default “I am Copblocking” alert, which would notify a user’s friends of the activity in real time, and provide coordinates and turn by turn directions to the location of the police interaction.  This functionality and information sharing allows users to request help in case of ongoing police action, abuse of human rights or other potentially dangerous circumstances.

One excellent example of the use for the app is when citizens organize themselves in a neighborhood watch group, making the use of Cell 411 virtually a requirement.  The app enables neighbors to notify each other in mass or individually of criminal activity, medical emergencies, fires or police activity.

This call for help could be a beacon to other activists that a violation of rights is occurring, and to send reinforcements if possible. The immediate signal to other family and friends would be a godsend, thus eliminating the worry and wherabouts of the user.

“We are a small group of developers, scientists and designers who believe that technology can facilitate peaceful human interaction. This is why we have built the Cell platform, which is a micro-social platform that allows interaction of human beings in a voluntary and peaceful fashion.”

The developers of the application are not hiding the fact that this app is directly aimed at protecting citizens from police abuse, and enabling users to obtain backup and assistance from friends, family and other activists in case of emergency.

Future versions of the app will also include live video streaming, audio streaming, multiple language support and other “secret sauce” features that have not yet been revealed to the public.

For more information about Cell 411 and download links, you can visit



A guard at the Northwest Detention Center, which is operated by private prison corporation GEO Group, on contract from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. (Photo: Alex Stonehill)

In addition to Wall Street and the fossil fuel industry, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is turning to lobbyists for the two biggest private prison companies in the country, Corrections Corporation of America and the GEO Group, to raise money for her 2016 presidential candidacy.

Lee Fang of The Intercept made the discovery after examining Clinton’s list of lobbyists who are bundlers for her presidential bid, released last week. Bundlers are people who raise money for campaigns by organizing and collecting contributions from other donors.

Among those funneling money into Clinton’s campaign are:

  • Richard Sullivan of the firm Capitol Counsel, documented lobbyist for GEO Group.
  • Five employees of lobbying and law firm Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, which received $240,000 from CCA last year.
  • “Akin Gump lobbyist and Clinton bundler Brian Popper disclosed that he previously helped CCA defeat efforts to compel private prisons to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests,” noted Fang.

Fang’s reporting comes on the heels of revelations that Clinton’s campaign has also benefited from the largesse of the fossil fuel industry and Wall Street.

Critics say the fresh evidence of Clinton’s ties to lobbyists for the private prison industry raises a host of new concerns.

Hillary Clinton Presidential Candidate Profile | InsideGov

“The future of both criminal justice reform and immigration are critical for private prison firms,” notes Fang. “The Geo Group, in a disclosure statement for its investors, notes that its business could be ‘adversely affected by changes in existing criminal or immigration laws, crime rates in jurisdictions in which we operate, the relaxation of criminal or immigration enforcement efforts, leniency in conviction, sentencing or deportation practices, and the decriminalization of certain activities that are currently proscribed by criminal laws or the loosening of immigration laws.’”

CCA and GEO have spent millions of dollars to press the U.S. government to impose harsher immigration laws that, in turn, spike corporate profits by driving up incarceration levels at their detention centers. Both companies stand accused of egregious human rights abuses at their facilities, from denial of mental and physical health care to inadequate nutrition.

“Private prisons have a long and well-documented history of giving to candidates of all levels and both parties and hiring lobbyists across the spectrum, so it doesn’t surprise me that prisons are trying to get in good with presidential candidates,” Cristina Parker of Grassroots Leadership, a Texas-based organization that opposes prison profiteering, toldCommon Dreams.

“We already know that, in the immigration system, private prisons have a huge and outsized influence and they certainly don’t need any more,” Parker added. “It is bad for all of us when these multibillion dollar companies use their considerable financial influence to try to pressure lawmakers.”

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